Posting date error

Can anyone assist with the following issue.i have just created a new site with a new domain URL and uploaded a back up from a previous site which had an old URL successfully but am now experiencing a posting issue. when i try to post a transaction it says that i am not authorised to update entries before 31/12/2020 which is weird because i am using a current date todays date (please see attached screen shot) i have checked the fiscal years and they are okay and the accounting period as well.I have not changed any settings from the old company and was working fine before i migrated it.any help will be appreciated

This is likely coming from Accounts Frozen Till Date option under Accounts Settings:

It worked thanks but its weird because i was using a current date not a 2020 date and the accounts were frozen till 31st dec 2020, i was not posting into 2020 yet it did not allow me to post any transaction even with a current date