Pre-installed Virtual Box Image Not working


I downloaded pre-installed Virtual Box Image but its not working. As per the instruction when i open the browser on Host machine & give •http://localhost:8080 the application does not works.

The Network on the VM is configured in NAT Mode.

Have you downloaded production vm or development vm?

sir i downloaded development VM

Do you have other VMs on your machine?

If you do, check that no other vm is forwarding port 8080 or as a quick test powered off all other vms and test http://localhost:8080 again.

Here is a nice writeup about port forwarding on virtualbox: How to access a NAT guest from host with VirtualBox

Otherwise, it could be a number of other network issues. I would first try to see if I could reach the VM through its private guest ip address. Something like http://10.x.x.x:8080


Try with localhost IP address.

Did you start the bench?
Development should be started first as far as
my knowledge.

Hope this helps.

For development vm use bench start to run the bench bench and use localhost:8000


I tried Bench Start command but it says Procfile does not exists or is not
a file.

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