Pre-sales Process

We usually ship out samples and Certificates of Analyses to customers while they decide to buy our product. I was thinking of how best to structure this process with ERPNExt. Here are my thoughts.

  1. The COA is a document so the customer can manually order this on their own. This will then be emailed to the customer. Perhaps a notification can be sent out to the territory sales manager when this happens. How can this be done?

  2. The sample can be a simple B2C order since there is no need for the whole sales order, inventory stock or delivery logistics to worry about. The customer provides their FedEx number, selects the samples and quantities needed and an order should be generated. Once the sample has been shipped, one of our associates usually sends the customer an email, though I’m hoping this can be done via another process within ERPNext.

Any thoughts?

Create a custom DocType and Web Form

@rmehta thanks