Pre-set project pipeline

Hello there, we need to use a pre-set of tasks for each type of project (a PIPELINE) we have (ex: translation > proofreading > delivery) ; we don’t find it in ErpNext and it is an essential component of the way we work. What do you suggest? Thank you. It seems that “workflow” does not allow us to do this.

How about adding a custom Select field in the task master? You can also apply Workflow on Task as well.

why not use kanban board with those 3 columns, I think will give you exactly what you want. alse with workflow if you need a confirmation from different users.

Hi! It would be good to have predefined tasks with we can introduce to a pipeline(in a proyect, CRM, etc). The best example (and the best CRM/Proyects in my opinion) is Daylite(Mac Project Management - Daylite by Marketcircle - Marketcircle).

Revive this conversation to see if there are interested and see how to solve it.


I think a project template in this case needed to automatically fetch the template in project creation.


is project template done or why is it closed ?