Predefined task lists as per Project type

Hi All,

I am new to ERPNext/Frappe.

I am working on an application that will have predefined list of tasks for each type of project. A list of tasks will be added automatically, when a new project will be created, as per the project type. That list should also be editable so the admin user can add/remove tasks.

For example, There would be 3 tasks for the ‘Web design’ type of Project:

  • Design
  • HTML
  • Deployment

These tasks will be added automatically for every ‘Web design’ type of project.

Is there anything similar that I can use for this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


You will need to do customizations for this. Refer to:

Custom Script

Doc events

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Thanks for the reply, it was really helpful.

Hello, anyone got a solution for this.??

hello Sir, This links arent working now. any solution for this sir?

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Similar feature would be to have generic tasks that can be added to a project by dropdown when creating a new project.