Preinstalled new-app no setup

since i try setup-production add add new app but the setup not working
so i try the preloaded vm from this

i try to create a new app there too
but still the setup is not showing.

is im missing the step to create a new app?
anyone can guide me the step to create a new app

I’m not sure what you mean by “the setup is not showing”

If you create a new app, you need to install it to a site. Like so:

bench new-app [app-name]
bench --site [] install-app [app-name]

on this selection

i only have Tools, Website and Developer menu

the command i create the app

bench new-app test
bench new-site test_site
bench --site test_site install-app test
bench set-nginx-port test_site 81
sudo service nginx reload

You’ll also need to create a DocType inside the app, then you will be able to see the DocType on your Desk.

Also, I would not recommend developing on a production setup, because you will also need to restart bench everytime you make a change.

i can access doctype from developer menu
but i cant access role, user , etc from setup menu
there is no that menu on the web.

there for i cant create a user and permission

i try to install using developer version. but cant install it on ubuntu 14.04
dont know whats wrong