Prepaid Block Hours Add/Subtract To Account

I’m very new to ERPNext but am LOVING the platform so far.

I’m trying to set up pre-paid service blocks that users can purchase and then be tracked/used against billed invoices.

For example, I have a service item for 1hr labor at $100 / hour.
I might like to create a PREPAID 10 Hour Labor Block for $850 total.

If the account/customer purchases said account, I’d like their account page to reflect that they have 10 hours available.
Then, let’s say the customer ‘uses’ two hours. I’d like a warning (if possible) to pop up on invoice creation that the client has 10 hours available. This will trigger me to use a specific item code (I’m assuming) that will deduct 2 hours from their ‘block’.

After that point, obviously, if I were to look at their remaining balance, it would show 8 hours available.

The tricky part here, also being that there are different types of blocks available. So I may need a 10 hours block for manual labor at $850, versus a 10 hour block for programming at $1225.

I don’t need it too complicated, but essentially do need to track how many hours they have left. Also, customer’s can use these in blocks of quarter hour increments. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here is the work-around.

  1. Create a Sales Order for 10 hours.
  2. Based on actual hour spent for the client, create Timesheet,
  3. Create Sales Invoice against Timesheet. In the Sales Invoice, fetch item from Sales Order.
  4. Create Sales Invoice only for the hours worked (say 2 hours).

In the Sales Order, it will update Billed Amount. Looking at the Sales Order, it will given you an update on total no. of hours has been billed. The value of hours billed and actually the value of hours consumed by the client.

Hope this helps.

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