Prepare yourself TODAY for the release of v11 Tomorrow

If you are an implementer of ERPNext systems, it is probably a good idea to have a reusable and stable way to setup a v10 production edition while you watch v11 settle over the next few weeks or months. I created a way to do this for myself last night. I thought I would share that with you today because tomorrow will be too late.

(This is for the folks that are forced to use the Easy Install method becuase they are not comfortable with building an installation by hand)

Please see my post for this process here:

Hope this helps someone…

Please be aware that I am not advocating against the latest version of ERPNext. Not at all. I want you to also begin your testing of the new production release to see how it may meet your needs. I am only advocating for you to also have a plan just in case v11 somehow doesn’t fit your need ‘yet’ and you still want a stable ERP solution.



Only about 7 or 8 hours left before this windows closes and v11 becomes the default master for the easy install script.

Remember, when they said Tuesday, they meant Tuesday in the Mumbai time zone :grin:

Makes sure you are ready…


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Luckily I happened to be making snapshots of all my servers… Will prepare!

Thanks for the heads up.