Prepared Reports Queue (GL Report) is not processing despite scheduler being active


After successfully restoring a site in docker, the Prepared Report processing queue has stopped working. When we try to generate a new GL (queues a report Prepared Report), it hangs in the Queued status.

CLI Pending Jobs

In the CLI, bench show-pending-jobs is empty.


All 3 workers show as active.
Workers are active


ERPNext: v14.23.3

Frappe Framework: v14.35.0

Please check all schedule log list working or not. I have same problem in one site and in another site it’s working fine.

Solution: take backup of site and drop that site and create new site and restore that backup. Then all schedule jog works fine.

I solve my problem with above solution. Best of luck.

I think I found the underlying problem to this issue.

In RQ Job List, whenever I try to generate a new report, a new RQ Job is created and it fails. The reason it fails is because it is unable to access the DB using the credentials.

How do I figure out what RQ Job is using to connect, and correct it? Where does it read the credentials from?

Fixed the DB access error by creating that host and user.

But now a new error has shown up:

I am trying to generate the GL Report report.


Switched from v14.23.3 to v14.23.0 and migrated the site.

Issue resolved. :+1:

I believe this has to do with the site_config.json not being placed back into the site after restoring it. It contains the info on the database name and the encryption key if it needed