Prerequisites for V13

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I am looking for the prerequisites fr V13. I downloaded the latest V13 version and untarred it.
Found requirments.txt file but it does not list the versions of pythin, mariadb, pip etc…

Where will I be able to find that ?


It may help to say the operating environment that will be hosting the application. This page may be helpful for prerequisites and a search in this forum should turn up guides that will also be helpful.

Thank you @smino for your response.

It will be for Ubutntu 20.04 LTS

The link you suggested is one of the places that I did look. And yes, for V14 it lists the prerequisies
very nicely. But when I select V13 on the top of that page, it does not give me the prerequisites
for V13

I did actually also search the forum but that yielded nothiing. I will try again.

I think you’ll find that ERPNext v13 app will install with those prerequisites and the latest frappe-bench.

I have been reading a number of posts about instalation procedures not working and it seems
a lot has been happening. Previously you could install with python 3.8. Now it seems support
fro 3.8 and 3.9 has been dropped. Ubuntu 22.04 has the correct python but it has
a different mariadb and some of the mysql commands does not work on that mariadb version.

Which brings me to my first question.

Surely there must be a list of prerequisites , like in the link you sent, but for V13.
That list in your link is perfect.Now one can check on the server you have, if the correct
versions are installed. Only problem, that list is for V14.

The Ubuntu 20.04 Erpnext VM in house has the following:

bench 5.16.1
erpnext 13.46.1
frappe 13.49.2

Node.js v14.19.1.
mariadb Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.3.37-MariaDB
Redis server v=5.0.7
yarn 1.22.5
pip 19.1.1
wkhtmltopdf 0.12.3 (with patched qt)
nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)