Press and Agent Applications. Anyone?

Does anyone have some experience in Press and Agent applications by frappe? I have the below questions, appreciate it if you could share your thoughts on this.

  1. Is Press and Agent considered to be stable?
  2. Does it support automatic billing?
  3. Is AWS Route53 mandatory, or can we run our own authoritative nameserver as a catch-all server without making any changes to the press codebase?

Hi @thelahera

  1. I have setup Press. I am now using it to run production apps and yes it is quite stable and impressive. I was using Kubernetes before and I must say it is a simplified version of it but much better and easier to manage.

  2. Yes, it support automatic billing just like Frappe cloud does.

  3. AWS Route53 is mandatory for the main domain where Press is hosted.


Hi @mwogi i have problems with the connection between the main and the agent…

first, is necesarry erpnext for press?
when i put the information in press to conect to the first proxy dont work, and the proxy agent dont get information, i think im doing somthing bad but im not sure what.

@josog What you need to ensure is that when you have SSHed into the main node running press, you should be able to ssh into the other nodes without a password.

Ok, sounds correct to the configuration, but i have throubles getting ready root access whithout password.

Any help to get?

There should be enough resources out there on how to setup SSH using SSH Keys. Check this: How To Set Up Passwordless SSH Login {Instructional Guide}

All its ok for the basics.

but now im stuck here:


Set that as the URL of your Press Site under Press Settings

OK, you rocks, i was lost, then i see is the api of internal user.

its de same in configuration?
When i try to put a card in the system i get a error about connection.

You may need to make some code changes to bypass that. They did not intend to make it open sourced at the point of development so there are some frappe specific things here and there.