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Here is my feature contribution

I am facing some issues while doing it,

  1. How to handle filters that are applied on list view to form , how do i manage to navigate the doc while same as per list view.

I think we are trying to over complicate this since next and previous would be applied when you are inside the document say for eg: SINV - 00005, I think in the initial release maybe you should just base it on name field in the db, so next would be name + 1 and previous would be name - 1 in this case.

I am not too knowledgable on this subject but maybe other community members who know more about it can comment with their suggestions.

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I think it should be based on the filters on the listview. We had this feature at some point, so if I am browsing open issues, I should go to the next open issue and not the next closed one?


Hi, Guess all filtered docs are available in frappe.views.list_view you need to iterate in them and trigger more event when you reach the end. Will try sometime and update. Not sure if there are others working on this.

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yes, Exactly that’s how I want to do it!