Price item suggested features

Hi there,

I’m quite new to erpnext, looking around i’m not able to find answers over the discussion.

Any chance to have the ability to have:

  • ability to set a range of date for buying price availability for an item.
  • price history variation over a period of time

Thx in advance

You can use Princing Rule

Price history variation is not currently in the box!

Thanks, any chance to implement price history?

@JoEz, chances already have! but …

You can open a issue in github, and wait for this, of hire someone to help you, if you need it ASAP.

I do believe ERPNext should track price history per item.

Existing functionality: Currently there is a workaround to review price history, proposed by @rmehta
Price history from Purchase Order report

  1. From desk, click “Buying
  2. Click Purchase Order
  3. On the left click “Report” (opens a report screen)
  4. On the report screen, click on Menu
  5. Click on "Pick Columns"
  6. I suggest you pick these columns:
  • Date
  • ID
  • Item Code
  • Price List Rate
  1. You can then filter by specific Item Code or export results as you wish.


  1. Price list rate will show independent of the purchase unit! In my case, I have a stockpeeking unit called “Pellet”. However, the seller quotes in “Can”. Each can for this item, contains 5,000 pellets. One purchase order was listed as buying
    qty: 5,000 UOM: Pellet Price: $0.10
    A different purchase order was listed as buying:
    qty: 1 UOM: Can Price: $500.00

Sure, I can certainly go ahead and convert on my own, but If we now that we are going to be converting back and forth, I think ERPNext should be configured for such a report.

Features desired and proposed:

  1. Using existing Purchase Order data, find a way to express Price List Rate in terms of user-selectable UOM for particular item. Give the user these options when reporting prices and purchase dates: a. Use default stock UOM b. Allow user to select UOM manifested in Item>Purchase details>Unit of Measure Conversion.
  2. Enable a graph setup, similar to a Gantt chart, where items are listed in one leftmost column, following column contains a drop down to select the UOM for that item, and then the right hand side of the graph displays time periods (selectable too), so that each price point can be graphed. Ideally, these should be points joined by a line. This graph can then be “filtered” to select one, or more items, so that price behavior can be compared.

This issue has been discussed previously…

I am willing to sponsor this, any takers?