Price list based on another one

I have product A and it is selling price 40$ but i have customer in syp what i want is make price list based on the selling price to automatically calculate the price on the exchange rate because the selling price is fixed but the exchange rate is different every day.

You can create a new Price List with a currency other than the default company currency. And then you can link it to the customer so that it will be automatically selected. Add your fixed item price in that price list and you’re good to go.

thank you But i DO not have fixed price in syp the price is 40$*exchange rate how i can do it?

Oh, I misunderstood.
In that case, go to your customer master and set that customer’s default currency as SYP.
This should automatically fetch exchange rate and convert the price.

would u please screenshot where i can set customer default currency because i create customer and set the syp as the default currency but the price is not fetched automatically

You can find this inside Customer master.

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