Price list inheritance

I would like to have price lists that can be inherited from another price list and be modified by a margin or percentage. An example of usage would be to have a base selling price list or buying price list and then your other price lists can inherit items or groups of items from that but with a percentage modifier. This way if your prices change, you change it in one place instead of changing it a bunch of other places for dealers, sales reps, direct sales, etc. This would make it less error prone and much more efficient.

can you help to elaborate the logic with mockup data and also reports to be distributed to different people?

I was thinking something sort of like this:
You can have different price lists for different channels/customers/sales reps.
In this example, if you were selling televisions, you could have a base price list with all of your TV prices. Walmart would pay the base price, but target would pay 10% more. Similarly for the video game item group, Target would pay $20 less than the base price.

The price lists could be dynamically calculated in relation to the base price list so that for example if the costs to produce your TVs increased by $5, you change that on the base price list and it is auto calculated on the others.

For reports, I am referring to this one. We like to use this for dealers, sales reps, distributors etc. so that they know the price and description of all products for their specific price list.:

I hope this makes sense, please let me know if I did a bad job explaining any of it.

Did you check out Pricing Rule?

I’ve looked at this before, but I have 2 main concerns. Maybe I am misusing or misunderstanding it and you or someone else may be able to help me use it in a more productive manner.

  1. Is there a way generate a price report for all or some items that are specific to a client’s pricing (see last 2 images in comment above for rough example of what I mean)?

  2. If I want to have a price for a specific sales channel and then also have a coupon or other pricing rule, does it always only choose one based on the “How Pricing Rule is applied” rule order, or is there a way to make it start with that channel’s price and then add or subtract based on a coupon code or secondary rule?

ad 1. I guess for that you would need to create a custom report. but should be doable as all the info is in the DB.

ad 2. i dont know.

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copy & paste from excel the item code and qty into a new quotation or sales order items table, you will immediately get the items price based item price and applied pricing rules.