Price list rate

Hi guys,

I’m struggling because when I create a new sales invoice, I can change the price, but not the price list rate, which remains fixed. Therefore, the reports that consider the price list rate, as the gross profit, are wrong and negative. It doesn’t consider the final and real price that I set, but the ones fixed that appear in the price list rate. How can I change it? In addition, it doesn’t match the price at which I buy with the price at which I sell.

Do you have a solution for that?

Thank you in advance for your help.


as far as I remember the default behavior is that the price list rate is being updated when you out a new price for an item in a Sales Invoice.

As that apparently is not happening in your case … the first thing I could think of is whether this may be a permission problem.

concrete: your user being

  • permitted to create a Sales Invoice but
  • not permitted to set Item Price

Hi, thank you for your quickly reply. Apparently I have the permission to set item price, and in the invoice it appears the one that I set, but in the item price and in the gross profit report it remains the standard rate, while it should match the new price at which I bought with the new price at which I sold.
This is the capture of the gross profit report, see the average buying rate is the same, while it should change with the new price that I set in any new invoice.

The item price, that remains the same as the first one that I set.

What should I change to make the gross profit report to be positive, and match the purchase invoice with the exact sale invoice?

generally … if you tag a person like @Elena he or she will be notified about your response. This makes it more likely you will get a timely follow up.

Actually I have just gone through that process quickly on a test instance of mine and can confirm that the Item Price is not being updated (as it should be I believe, unless something has changed in v11 in this regards) when creating a Sales invoice with a different rate then the current Item Price as per the Price List.

So the question is whether this behavior is a bug or has been designed like that on purpose.