Price List when there is rate change

Hi Everybody
I have a Clarification…
Not able to understand the relation between item price list, supplier quotation, bom

clarification required is…
i create a price list --pricelist01
price changes for a few items
i create another price list02 with new prices

should i create a new bom for the revised prices ??
one more thing
i have a part that has operations
operations are

for the above…
i have created a bom and fetched the rates from pricelist01

here if only the hub-weld-01 rate has changed,
should i create a new bom??

Or how do i handle such a scenario
Please help
With Regards

Hello Hemant,

If you have created new Price List for an item, then you will need to create new BOM.

But if you have updated price for the existing Price List only, then “Update Cost” in the BOM will update item prices based on new rate entered in the Price List.

For updating Operation’s Cost, you will have to create new BOM.

Thanks for the reply Umair
If i have already released a Po based on the present price list
i update the price
What happens to the old po
will it retain the old price or will it change
Thanks and regards