Price not fetching to item table from default pricelist

Hi Team,

I am new to Discuss ERPNext and ERPNext, I have started to use for 5 months, Most of the requirement for a business operation is already in ERPNext, and I am glad that I came to know about ERPNext, and that help me to use the system easily in a different level. Really Appreciate the guys behind this ERP. I have got the answers to my quires from this forum itself and I applied those to solve my on going issues, Now I have some issues that I am not able to either identify the problem or find a solution, So I came to be involved in this forum to get things done easily, as most of my requirement might be solved or handled.

Now my issue is that I have created a default price list and assigned to a customer,
while I create a quote, price list is showing in price list field but the the unit price is not fetching on the item table while entering the item. at the same time I have a price list for buying and it is fetching on the item table. If anyone can help me out I really appreciate.

note: selling price list i did not assign any customer per line item (price list need to be used for multiple customer), but I assign supplier name on the buying price list.


Hello Jerald,

Welcome to the community.

I haven’t been able to replicate this issue. Ensure that the price list is set in Customer DocType:

This should then get auto-fetched in Quotation DocType:

If the items you add in the item table are present in the price list, prices for these items will be fetched from the list.

I have tried this and it worked for me, also I changed the template for price list upload.
Thank you for your support.