Price rate isn't showing in BOM

I’ve taken a couple screenshots to show the BOM for sub assembly that has a raw material quantity set to .077 and the price rate is not populating even though the price list for that item is updated.

Can you please check the value selected in Rate of material based on in BOM.

@ArundhatiS Thank you for the reply!
Yes, it’s checked to Price list that’s why all the other raw materials have their rates showing.

Would it have anything to do with that item’s UOM set as meter?

@ArundhatiS @shraddha

Will someone please take another look at my case?

I have the Price List updated and the “rate of materials based on” set to price list. I’ve updated cost serval times. I have no idea why the price isn’t populating.

Picture below shows the rate not listed in the BOM’s “Materials Required (Exploded)” table.

Sorry for the issue caused. We have fixed the issue and will merge it soon.

Thank you so much, please notify me after the merge :slight_smile:

Any Gtihub Issue created for it?

This has already been merged into develop branch.
See [minor] Fix BOM rate calculation logic by sagarvora · Pull Request #9271 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

To clarify the issue will fix itself during an upgrade?

I also noticed for the prices to populate from changing the Rate Of Materials Based On you have to delete the item then add it back instead of just using the Update Cost button. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the Update Cost feature or does it only work whenever you’re not switching between rates?

Yes, it will be fixed during an upgrade.

The Update Cost button does work after the value of Rate of Materials Based On field has changed:

Thank you for your help @snv, with the v8.0.50 version the only way Update Cost button works after the value of Rate of Material Based On field changes is by using the method shown here, t

Another issue I’ve noticed is when I change the Item Price for a raw material used in a subassembly I have to Update Cost for every subsequent child BOM with the raw material used, instead of being able to Update Cost on the Parent BOM. Is this a bug or is there another way I should use the rate of materials based on so I don’t manually update every BOM due to a price change?