Pricelist based on item nos per supplier

Hello Frappe Team,

Could You please think of a rearrangement of the pricerule function so that it is possible to have item count based prices in one pricerule per supplier / item.

let’s say there is one supplier that has scaled prices for 1, 2-9, 10-19,20-49,50-99… numbers of the same item.

so it would be nice to just add another row with min and max item count numbers and a price to that range.
this would reduce the number of pricerules and the hassle to name those rules based on item,supplier and number.

Thank You very much.

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Welcome to ERPNext,

This too seems to describe what you request Item price ( price list discounts minimum price based on quantity)

A suggestion: Review this for ‘quantity price range’ requests like yours, and/or add your request too Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I think the functionality is already there in Pricing Rule. I have just tested and it is working.
I have created 2 Pricing Rules like following, with only difference is in Min Qty, Max Qty and rate. And when I create Purchase Order, it is applying rate based on qty.