Item price ( price list discounts minimum price based on quantity)

Dear All … please I need a clarification in the Item Price document - where we can enter in Price List discounts portion From Quantity and To Quantity and also Minimum Price - it seems the Quantity from and to and Minimum Price is not working please… for example if I put the Rate as Rs100 in the Item Price list and also in the same document under Price List discounts I state that quantity 0 to 1000 PCS Minimum price is Rs90 and from Quantity 1000 pcs and above Minimum Price is Rs 80 - and I do a Sales Quote - then even for quantity of 50pcs if I give price as Rs50 - it is accepting and not validating and also if I give Quantity as 5000 pcs at Rs50 - it is still accepting and not validation ( although in Item Price list document above, I have given the quantity range and the Minimum Price ) - I also have a workflow - but neither at each stage of saving and submitting in the end → it is validating and stopping / asking a question on the price entered - hence please can any one tell - how to use the quantity from and To and Minimum price fields in Price List document for an item.

Have you tried pricing rule

Yes Sir, I have tried … In pricing rule the amount is fixed or the discount % in the Price List gets fixed … here the intention is within the Quantity Range the Minimum price be applied, i.e if the Item Rate is Rs 100 - so in sales quote one can go upto Rs 90 ( between Rs 100 to Rs 90) - if the quantity is 0 to 1000 pcs…so this facility I am finding in Item Price document as there are fields for that… but how to make it applicable in Sales Quote or Sales Order please…

Any progress or clue to this issue