Pricing based on an API response - how to implement it with the price list and markup?

I have a product and service that is marked up from the response from the suppliers API. How can I properly implement the markup of this without a fixed price list?

Basically I query the suppliers API by product and they return the price. This price varies on a number of almost infinite factors including shipping and quantity. I need to markup the response from the API by a certain % or fixed $. How can I do that if the price lists on erpnext are fixed?

Can you explain what you need to do it for? If you are setting something up to automatically query the price from the supplier API, you can do that at the Supplier Quotation / Purchase Order stage and just plug the prices in directly. They won’t set Item Prices in the system, but should be sufficient.

If you want to keep track for future use, you can use Pricing Rules for a number of factors, for a given item, price list, qty, etc.

You might want to put shipping as an additional tax and charge, instead of directly in the item price, because of how it is accounted for and how it looks on your PO.

Well I sell to my customers from a markup based on the response.

For example:

Query Supplier for product A(all charges included)->receive response. Example product A is $100 with landed cost included.

I need to take that $100, then add for example a 15% markup on it. So in this case my selling price to my customers is $115.

I need to be able to invoice my customers for the $115 price.

So this is exactly what a pricing rule might be used for, but it really depends on how you are implementing this in your system. Are you writing a custom app or script that will query Supplier A for the price?

Yes I am doing that.

I also want to add the following.

I have multiple suppliers and when I query them they all respond with different prices and their availability, so I have a selection to choose from. I select one and then want to invoice the customer based on that rate + the markup.

Yes, all this is possible, but reasonably difficult. You will likely have to create new DocTypes, or build a significant amount of new functionality into the current ones. You can create Supplier Quotations from each supplier query, then you need to select one based on the best price (which you’ll have to figure out how to compare between). Then from that you can invoice the customer using pricing rules.

The selection between suppliers based on preference, inventory or pricing will be done manually. Its the passing the selection to the customer and marking it up my main concern to make the invoice.