Pricing model selection

We sell a hardware item that includes a subscription component for continued services. However, we also offer a buyout pricing option.

In our shopping cart, we want the pricing to default to the subscription model, but have a checkbox available that allows people to choose the Buyout model. If they check that, there would be a pop-up or note that asks if they are sure they want to give up features a, b, and c which are a part of the subscription model. If they confirm, it shows them the same product, but now with the buyout price, and no subscription component.

Is this possible with the current pricing features in ERPNext or is this custom development?


Can Buyout model be separate sales item in itself? This will allow you to maintain it’s pricing separately.

For now, feature of subscription component is not available out of the box in ERPNext. Perhaps you can get it customized from one of our Service Provider.

@chesterhull how you have modelled the continued service in your example above?

the subscription feature has been discussed several times. As recurring documents or contract or now subscriptions. for using ERPnext, as we need to do, in the service company area, contract/subscription are a very common and generic pattern. As ERPnext, as a company, using exactly the contract/subscription based business model we have expected such functionality would exist or evolve the last years.

We would prefer to have such important functionality for running service business in the core and in a ERPnext idiomatic way which will maintained and evolve over time. Putting this in a external app would not really our preferred solution.

There is a 3 year “old” issue regarding contracts:

Which lately get closed and reference in a shiny new subscription ticket. Can you tell us when we can expect such feature arrive in ERPnext? We even might think sponsoring work on that.