Pricing Rule does not work in POS?

my price rule is buy min 2 qty get 10% discount

(refer pic pr1) i make pos sale quantity 2 discount no show 10% rate should be 9.9
(refer pic pr2) i add quantity to 3 discount show 10% but the rate still not correct.

ver 10.1.66

Hi @kankankuli,

can you please share the pricing rule definition? Does it work as expected on a regular Sales Invoice?

Please also share the version of ERPNext while reporting an issue

i already create a pricing rule base on quantity.
that is buy minimum 2 get 10% less

when i create a pos invoice (quantity 2 discount show 10% but the rate not correctly calculate when quantity add up to 3 rate is calculate correctly)

the problem is it when quantity add up to 2 the rate should be calculate correctly.

i use ver ERPNext: v10.1.66 (master)

Frappe Framework: v10.1.58 (master)