Pricing Rule errors in V13


I’m trying to use pricing rule but it doesn’t work to me.

  1. If I try to use pricing rule to apply a discount/charge in other item, it always apply the charge/discount, even when the ‘filter’ item/item group it isn’t. I found this post about what it seems to be same error in V12 [Bug] V12 - Pricing rule: Discount on Other Item doesn’t work #22154
    There isn’t another pricing rule which could be doing that.

  1. It doesn’t work in transactions. The pricing rule doesn’t apply. Again, I found this post about what it seems to be a similar error in V12 [Bug] V12 - Pricing rule: Transaction rule doesn’t got apply on frontend #22159

  2. In case of pricing rule apply on item group (price, not quantity) and party type customer category, it does work for manual sales invoice, but it doesn’t in case of automatic subscription sales invoices. I don’t understand why in one case it does work and in other it doesn’t.

Is anyone having same issues? I’m pretty sure that it isn’t working appropriately.

ERPNext V13.11
Frappe 13.11

Thanks in advance!