Pricing Rule for Item Attributes (Eg. Size)

I have problem in setting up a pricing rule for product attribute Size. My items have various sizes and they are price differently. It gets complicated when I have about 10 Product categories and each category will have about 50 products with different sizes. If the product is of the same size in the category, then it is priced the same. However, the prices changes every few months and therefore i need a flexibility to be able to change prices for product regularly by product category and then sizes.

I was able to customized pricing rule to include item attributes and able to choose the sizes. However, at the sales module, the pricing rule it not automated as it should be for preset options such as Item group or customer group.

Please advise how I can group my items in terms of product category and then by sizes for easy price change regularly.

Thank you!

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This feature is not available out of the box. You will have to get it customized or sponsored!