Pricing rule on cumulative number of Item Group total

Is it possible to create a pricing rule on the total number of items in a group?

useCase: I have groupA, which contains ItemA1, ItemA2, ItemA3
groupA(5-9) based on “Item Group” groupA with min=5 max=9 ->3% discount
groupA(10-24) based on “Item Group” groupA with min=10 max=24 ->5% discount
groupA(25+) based on “Item Group” groupA with min=25 ->6% discount
Client order: 5x ItemA1, 5x ItemA2, 15x ItemA3

All are in groupA, so the total order of groupA{items} is 25, which should, in theory give them access to 6% discount as follows:

  • 5x ItemA1 (5-9@6%)
  • 5x ItemA2 (5-9@6%)
  • 15x ItemA3 (10-24@6%)

SalesOrder currently shows individual line Items worth of discount ie.

  • 5x ItemA1 (5-9@3%)
  • 5x ItemA2 (5-9@3%)
  • 15x ItemA3 (10-24@5%)

Is there a known workaround? Or do I need to do something “custom”?
Is there a how-to example I could follow (for serious dummies)?


As per the configuration of Pricing Rule and Qty of the item’s mentioned, it should be:


right? So the Sales Order seems to be giving the correct result.

Can you elaborate on how 6% was derived for each line?

Hi umair
All the items are from groupA, and in total there are 5+5+15=25, which would put the order into the groupA(25+) based on “Item Group” groupA with min=25 ->6% discount bracket (if the rule was cumulative). That would mean that each line would be allowed 6%.
What it does now is workout the pricing rule per line, so the 5 is (5-9@3%) (twice) and the 15 is (10-24@5%). This is (strictly speaking) correct for non-cumulative rule, but I would prefer the cumulative method if it is possible.


Sorry as this feature is not available for now. It checks for the qty in the specific row only. will be great if you could create Github Issue for It. Any reason to split same item in multiple rows?

In this case, there are various flavours of an item in a particular group. eg. Milkshake in various flavours.
I did try setting it up a item=milkshake, with flavours=variants but S/O says it doesn’t like/allow variants (at least the way I tried it it doesn’t). If there’s a trick to get round it that way, I am happy to change it :slight_smile:
Just to clarify - I apply the pricing rule on the group, not the items.

On the github issue side - I don’t know how to do this - can you point me to an article to learn?

You could use item variants for flavors. But still the issue of summing up item based on item group would remain.