Pricing Rule on Min. Order Total

There are two scenarios which I’m trying to solve:

  1. Pricing rule which automatically provides a discount on fulfillment of min. order total. (Say 100 Rs. on min purchase of 1000 Rs.)
  2. Free sample with price 0 added automatically on fulfillment of min. order total.

Any guidance in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

Please refer to this link,maybe it would help you configure the pricing rules.

Thank you for the reply. It seems you have mistakenly linked to this thread, causing recursion.
I have checked out the documentation for pricing rules. There are options for configuring the rule based on a min. order qty. I want a similar option for min. order amount.

Thank you for updating the link. I referred through the documentation but couldn’t find any option to do that. Any other way to achieve this? The purpose is to restrict the POS user from directly applying discount.

Hi @Sagar_Vora! Here is my solution to your Use Case:

  1. For scenario number 1, you can use the pricing rule setting the Min and Max volume for the item purchased.
  2. For scenario 2, you can create a python script that will validate if you are using the Pricing rule and automatically add a free item with zero price on save.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying. :slight_smile:
The problem is that different products have different prices and it would be a lot work to set a pricing rule for 160 products. I think that a python script is the only way forward. Perhaps you can help me with my other issue:

@Sagar_Vora Creating your custom script is more like the easier way to go. :slight_smile: With regards to our other issue, I cannot pin point what’s causing it since you did a fresh install and bench update already. Also, I cannot replicate it on my end. But if there is anything I can find, i’ll let you know.

Thank you so much @creamdory! :slight_smile:

Anytime @Sagar_Vora :slight_smile: