Pricing rule per weekday

Hi, not a bug but a request from one customer of mine to have pricing rule for weekdays as they do discounts on Mondays and Fridays.

Could be something to add on v12.

In Item Pricing you can setup validity of current item price

Thanks for the reply but I think you misunderstood my point…

The ideia is for the rule to run only on a specific day of the week like Monday or Friday.

@Helio_Jesus The easy way, is create one campaign per weekday, and associate the price rules per each campaign.

To automatically set the campaign, you will need some javascript, to pick the default campaign, given the weekday


@max_morais_dmm thanks for the reply. I think this solution is for v11/v12 as on v10 do believe will be easier to create the custom field on pricing rule and do the JS script… My thought was that maybe this could be added to core (as pricing rule already runs based on dates, products type, etc) if useful instead of being done in many versions (lonely solutions).