Pricing Rules in PoS Module

Hi, I have been hooked on ERPNext for the past few weeks, for now I intend to concentrate my attention on the PoS Module as it appears not to be getting the attention it deserves.

The module is B E A U T I F U L L, really nice, unfortunately it lacks some functionalities as well as some work flow issues. i will be highlighting these shortcomings as i see them. For this post am bringing up the pricing rules.

Pricing rules do not apply at the PoS, for example if there is a 10% discount rule, it will not apply at the PoS, the cashier will have to key in the full amount and then when submitted, the difference will show as change in the backend. I noticed the rules work perfectly when the sales invoice is used.

I hope this will be an easy fix.

Well done guys.

It is by design as (only) PoS Module works offline too…

Thanks yashodhan

But this makes the PoS totally unusable in a practical sense.

Can their be a way out?? I really am looking for a way to be able to use ERPNext

@olamide_shodunke I have checked in my local system. The system is correctly applying Pricing Rule in the POS. Please check your POS Profile record and ensure that “Ignore Pricing Rule” is not checked.

Thank you @nabinhait, that was the problem. This is solved. Great!!

However I just discovered another issue with pricing rule

Set up a pricing rule with 10% discount with a minimum qty of 4,

At the PoS if the cashier keys in qty 4. the discount applies, if he now reduces the qty to 1, the discount still applies to qty 1. This should not be so, the price should go back to the full price if the qty is reduced below the minimum

Could this be a bug??


There was an issue same as what you described above. But we have fixed the issue 1/2 weeks back. Are you using latest version?

I installed about three weeks ago and am self hosting .

What’s the process for updating ?


Hi @olamide_shodunke,

I am able reproduce this issue, I have fixed the issue and we’ll release it soon.

To update the setup run bench update command from frappe-bench folder

Thanks, Rohit

You guys ROCK!!

Where have you been all my life??

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