Pricing rules price not update on reduction of quantity


my first post here. I have a problem with thr pricing rule.
I have created a pricing rule that grants a discount if the customer buys a quantity of example product “Pen”.
Price for one “Pen” is 10€.
If the customer buys 10 items there is a discont of 10% => 9€ per item 90€ in total.

Everything works fine in the sales order. But if I by mistake put 10 items of pen in the sales order the price is reduced to 9€. If I correct my mistake, because the customer wanted 9 items, the pricing rule is not reevaluated an it still says 9€ instead of the correct price of 10€.

Any suggestions what I can do. Is this intended bahaviour?

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I have noticed this happen sometimes. I believe it is a bug in the software.
Without writing your own patch, the only workaround I know is deleting the Sales line, and replacing with a new one.

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Many thanks for the feedback. That is good to know.
This adds some risk, if someone forgets to check the price or is not aware what the correct volume price is.

Maybe there is a fix in the upcoming release.

Best Manuel

Hi, pretty sure this is a bug. I have an older v13 running and the same config works on v13 but not v14. What I have noticed is that on creating the pricing rule, and then selecting that item in a quote etc, the correct price is initially shown based on the pricing rule. However, when you change the Quantity field, the value in the ‘Rate’ value is changed to be the same as the ‘Price List Rate’ regardless of what Quantity you enter (other than the default value of 1 in my case).

Pain because this is such a useful feature, the only work-around I have found is to create a new ‘Price List’ and use this each time, a manual process to change for specific customers when they are affected by the price rule, introduces a high risk of errors as this is a manual procedure to change the price list.

The price change appears to be a trigger activated on the Quantity value being changed without testing against the ‘MIN or Max Quantity’ in the price list rule. I can’t use the feature as it is very buggy working sometimes then not at all, has already cost my business a fair bit as the wrong value is sent out by our sales teams who are not aware of how these rules work and don’t always check the value is correctly updated automatically.

Hope it can be addressed soon, as creating a new price list each time I have a special price consideration rather than having a nice clean pricing rule is not ideal.


Noticed release erpnext 14.12.1 resolves part of the problem. You can now create a pricing rule and the initial values you put into the Quantity field works as expected. However, if you need to make a change to the Quantity for that line item that then takes the value below the Max Qty setting, the Rate will not be adjusted. You need to create a new quote or sales order. You also cannot have more than one entry for the Quote/Sales order for that Item Code, as all the Item Codes are set to the same value regardless of the Qty selected, this may just be a design rule so an intended outcome.