Print button in POS does not do anything


First of all, thank you very much to all involved in the development of ERPNext. I am just a small shop owner but ERPNext has made my work so much easier. I have only touched a little of what this software can offer and I have still a lot to discover.

So far, much of the things that I want to do is simplified by the use of this software but just one thing that is slowing me down, the print button in POS does not do anything. I need to go to sales invoice page and click refresh until the POS invoice shows up to print the invoice. This is time consuming and quite annoying. I was not able to find other posts that mentioned this problem so I hope somebody can help me here. Are there any other configurations that need to be done to be able to print within POS?

As for my setup, I am running ERPNext inside virtualbox running Ubuntu server 16.04 and there is nothing else other than ERPNext installed. I installed ERPNext using the easy install method shown here GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps. I have not done any modifications apart from configuring the software within the web interface. The problem mentioned above occurs in both firefox and chromium.

The print button seems to be working fine in our test account. Please refer the Gif attached.

Can you please share the screenshot of the issue.

Check that popups are not disabled in your browser

Thank you. It seems there was a problem with the installation. I just installed ERPNext on the host PC and the print button works like shown in the GIF above. Consider this problem solved because I will be migrating to my host PC.

I have one question related to the print button, can I print invoice instead of POS receipt with the POS print button?