Print: compact view - hide discount amount


is it possible to hide the item discount amount when activate the “Compact Item Print”?

I doesn’t found any solution, css selectors don’t work because there are no specific tag-attribute to select them.

Does anybody know, if theres a simple solution by overriding the template for the “Compact Item Print” template via custom app?

regards and thx

@Daniel_Grammer can’t find the print format you are talking about , can you give more details .

if you print for example an sales order there is a checkbox after clicking the print icon, “Compact Item Print”, if this is activated the compact print view is activated.


@Daniel_Grammer you can copy the printview files from frappe/www to your_app/www and it will override the original files .
or you can just create a custom print format for sales order .

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perfect, thanks this works like a charm. regards