Print custom date format in HTML Field

I have a custom Doctype with two dates an a HTML field

I have created a custom template to render inside the html field

But for the dates field i need to show only day and month, not the year

I have tried {{ frappe.format_date }} but its not working

In the form.js. i have added a custom button
This buttons calls the frappe.render_template

In which i try to use the format_date method.

Here is i try to render something like:
Estimated Arrival date: Thursday 17 and Wednesday 20

Please some guidance

hey @JeansReal did you find any update on this ?

Hi, Yes

frappe.utils.format_datetime(date, "EEEE, d 'de' MMMM yyyy 'a las' h:mm a")
Using custom formats

Or even using the defaults format:
frappe.utils.format_date(date, 'medium')