Print data from web page

I want to print data of specific user using “db.get_list” but it doesn’t give output.
here is my code

here is output

neither db.sql nor db.get_list worked.

Hi @Riddhu_09,

I think get_email is none.

Please apply and check for get_email:

test = get_email
print("------>", test)

please check test data show or not
if not then again check your condition.

(test) print in the above (data).

If you have not checked documentation then check it.

Thank You!

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Thank You for your Response,
No get_email is not none. it is the value of the email field. which is come from the js file
Screenshot from 2022-09-19 17-25-52

Hi @Riddhu_09,

If you have not checked then checked it.
Calling standard API: Frappe Ajax Call

I think your problem will be solved and maybe it’s helpful for you.

Thank You!

Thank You,
but I Can’t Find any solution I’ve checked all the scenarios.
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Screenshot from 2022-09-21 10-47-32

it’s only not working on getting value from javascript and I’ve checked the path as well

please help me with this

console.log("--->", get_email);

please set in the above alert and checked whether get_email is printed in the console or not.