Print design app - not deployed status

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Print design app installed in ERP 15, however status is showing not deployed. What can be the possibility? please help.

When an app in Frappe/ERPNext shows as “not deployed,” it usually means that while the app is installed, it is not fully integrated or activated within the current site or bench environment. Here are some steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

Steps to Resolve “Not Deployed” Status

  1. Verify App Installation:
    Ensure that the app is installed correctly within your Frappe/ERPNext environment.

    bench list-apps

    Check if the app is listed. If it is not listed, you need to install it.

  2. Install the App on the Site:
    If the app is not installed on the specific site, you need to install it.

    bench --site your_site_name install-app your_app_name

    Replace your_site_name with the name of your site and your_app_name with the name of the app (e.g., print_design).

  3. Run Migrations:
    After installing the app, ensure all necessary migrations are applied.

    bench --site your_site_name migrate
  4. Check App Configuration:
    Ensure that the app’s configurations are correctly set up. Sometimes, configuration issues can prevent an app from being fully deployed.

  5. Check for Dependencies:
    Verify if the app has any dependencies or requires other apps to be installed.

  6. Clear Cache:
    Clear the cache to ensure that the system recognizes the new app.

    bench clear-cache
    bench clear-website-cache
    bench restart
  7. Check Logs for Errors:
    Check the logs for any errors that might give more insight into why the app is not deployed.

    bench --site your_site_name log

Example Steps

  1. Install the App:

    bench get-app
    bench --site your_site_name install-app print_design
  2. Run Migrations:

    bench --site your_site_name migrate
  3. Clear Cache:

    bench clear-cache
    bench clear-website-cache
    bench restart
  4. Check Logs:

    bench --site your_site_name log

Additional Checks

  • Check Site Configurations:
    Ensure that your site_config.json does not have any issues. Sometimes site-specific configurations can prevent apps from being deployed correctly.

  • Permissions:
    Ensure that the user running the bench commands has the necessary permissions to install and configure apps.

  • App Version Compatibility:
    Ensure that the app version is compatible with your current version of ERPNext/Frappe.

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