Print designer print format is not working properly

Hi there,

I have installed Print Designer and created one print format with print designer. the print format seems okay when I open it with print designer for editing purpose but when I use that print format for printing with real doctype data then it is not showing some content from my print format. I don’t know why this is happening to me.

See these screenshots for better understanding.

print format in print designer app

print format when I use it with doctype print

and also when I am going to print doctype with that print format I can see one error on my browser console window.

“The --scale-factor CSS-variable must be set, to the same value as viewport.scale, either on the container-element itself or higher up in the DOM.”

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Any solution to the problem mentioned above?
I’m also facing the same issue and error.
Please Help!!!

Parvathy N Nair

Hi everyone! I have the same issues.
After setting up Header and Footer it disappears from a printer document, Terms and Conditions section doesn’t print as well. Thank you in advance.

paging @maharshivpatel :eyes:

please install the correct / latest version of wkhtmltopdf with qt patched


Thank you.

Good morning, I have a problem with the print size.
I have the jammy version of Ubuntu and I installed the corresponding version of wkhtmltopdf but the problem persists even though I already migrated the application with the corresponding command
What other variable could be the problem?

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When I go to this link and select Ubuntu 22.04 the file is getting downloaded in my system, there is no step or command,
How to install or update “wkhtmltopdf with qt patched” in bench, is there any step or proper command to do this?

The version I have right now is vakhtamaltopdf 0.12.6