Print document on click event

I have to print more than 50 invoices by onclick event and fetching them by a condition
lets say from a date to a date.
now what i really want…
i want to save these 50 invoices in pdf form.
how can i achieve this.

Thank You.


Please check attached GIF to learn how to bulk print/PDF transactions from the list view.

Hello @umair this method prints all document in one file.
I want to print all documents in diffrent diffrent files
like if there are 50 invoices then i should get 50 pdf files.

Thank you.

You should print them individually.

Perhaps you can auto-email the document to the party on submission. This way, PDF will be sent to the party as soon as document is submitted, You can also setup Email Alert for the same.

if i send auto-email to the individual party , then in that case is there anything that i may be able to send them pdfs on fly.
printing each document will be hectic and time cunsuming. for that reason i am asking such Question Thank You.