Print Error on ERPNEXT

Hi- getting this error on the printer when we print , wondering if any of you have seen this or if this is a driver related issue

Check with other printers, If it works fine then find a suitable driver for the printer.
Also, check language settings in both printer and software.

@Healtherp your issue is about that your printer only support ESC/POS commands, so you cannot print one PDF of HTML from ERPNext in an ESC/POS printer

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Is there a fix, hack or suggestion. Alot if the printers in market are of the same variety…

@Healtherp I have solved this with Print Node Integration for Frappe Framework

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Check for updated Driver. Try to print for somewhere else like notepad etc.
We had same Printer. It used to print fine.
We are currently using Epson Tm-T20 and it works fine and it also have exact same command Protocol: ESC/POS