Print Format build Error-Drag and Drop

Hi, In the print format builder i’m not able to drag required items. Whenever i try and do it nothing happens and i’m neither getting any error.

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same here

This is happening on (7.1) :
ERPNext: v7.1.0-beta
Frappe Framework: v7.1.0-beta

Drag and drop working as expected on :
ERPNext: v7.0.62
Frappe Framework: v7.0.46

Any way to make it work or revert back to the v7.0.62

@netchampfaris could be related to the sortable library upgrade!

@saurabh.gudu thanks for reporting. We will fix this later today or tomorrow.



could it be that this…

is related to that as well?


Pushed a fix

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Thanks @rmehta issue resolved