Print Format Builder V6 - Item (Table) Setup

Greetings! I found Print Format Builder to be very helpful and easy to make my printouts from the system. Unfortunately, i ran into an issue with the Item (Table) section. Particularly when i would like to enable or rearrange the columns. For example, I would like to show the Item Name instead of the Description. After doing the settings and checked print preview, it does not show Item Name, it only removed Description from the table. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

@airzoink the way the item table is designed is such that name + descriptions all go in one column.

If you want to customize this, you might want to make a new print format from scratch (not using the builder tool)

@rmetha Is there away to access the code generated by the format builders, and use that as a basis for customisation??
thnx robert

Same here. I also find it quite unintuitive that first the system ignores the item name. For my case ticking it doesn’t show the item name. Only item description. Secondly, I find it quite bizarre that the system comes with a standard template for sales invoices but, it’s not editable, and one cannot create a custom template based on the default template.

One would think the system would allow a person to create a custom invoice print format using the default as a starting point. Unless of course there’s a usability issue I’ve not thought about.

Because there is no its auto - generated from the layout.

I think @kolate_sambhaji maintains a collection you can look at

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@gh_geek @becht_robert @airzoink
Here is Sales Order Print format code. Its very close to standard ERPNext print format.
Please have a look and give feedback

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