Print Format - change label width

Some of our clients names were long, and using the 2-column layout in the Print Format Builder was wrapping to 3 lines.

Using the Print Format Builder, I creates a new panel with one column and added the Customer Name Field to the panel. However, this renders with a large label width.

How can I change the label width for that field?
I created a version with both the 1-column and 2-column versions to help you understand what I am seeing (I had to blur the client name as I don’t have permission to show their name).

Create a custom print format using html and css.

It is not very hard. And if your not a web developer, the easiest way i can suggest is create the same form in word file and copy it to word2cleanhtml. Com and paste the html code in custom print format html text box and see how it looks but you will still have to make some adjustment after that.