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hello. I was wondering , is it possible to force css on text editor variable because it appears always with it’s font from the database .

Yes, text editor content probably has a class like “quill-editor” that you can target with some CSS in your Print Style.

Hello @rmeyer

Thank you for jumping on this topic.
My use case is on Contract Doctype. When i use the below html on the print format to call contract_term which is a text editor field . The style don’t get implement.

You made mention on “quill-editor”. how do go about it ?

<p ALIGN="left" style="color:black; font-size:11px;font-family: Garamond;"><b> {{ doc.contract_terms }}</p>

Hello Guys

Has any one by chance tried styling a text editor ?

never worked for me

I am also facing the same.

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use class .ql-editor

and apply css for this like

    font-size: 0.75rem;
    font-family: "HelveticaNeue";
    overflow: hidden;
    word-wrap: break-word;
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