Print Format Customization for Various Forms


Here is the scenario, we have 2 print formats for Journal Voucher Transaction, one for Bank Voucher type and the other one is for Journal Voucher Type. In Customize Form user can set up only one type of print format per transaction module. Is there any other way where we can set up different print format per transaction type not per form type? Thank you.

In Customize Form you set the default print format but when you are printing, print format shows default print format and it also have a dropdown where you can select other print format as well for that doctype. Print formats are based on Doctype only.

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Yes, I already noticed that. But is there any other way where I no longer need to select on the print format available in the dropdown list? Thank you

Unfortunately that wont be possible for now. You will have to select print format. But within one print format you can have conditions like
if trasaction_type = Journal Voucher Transaction
{ define print format here}
{ define other print format here}

Thank you very much for your help. I will try that solution :slight_smile:

Please ! tell me how to solve this