Print format data


im inteded to print production order along with the required materials, so what was i need is to load the BOM data in the print format and multiply it with the production qty , but i wonder how i can do this?

how can i do queries in print format?



For the list of material’s required, you can create Material Transfer entry against Production Order. In this entry, you will have raw-material qty being set based on manufacturing item’s qty. You can just save it, and use standard Stock Entry print format. Or create new Print Format via Print Format builder.

Hi Umair,

Thanks for reply.
The things that i tried to achieve is i want to print production order details that consist

  1. total materials required
  2. notes against the production order that the notes is fetched from another doctype i called SPK
    so now my approach is adding custom field :
  3. BOM Item >> Table (taken from BOM)
  4. Notes >> Text Editor (taken from SPK)
  5. Picture of work >> Image (taken from SPK)

but i dont know how to fetch those value , could you give me an example?
or documentation that i can read ?


You will have to write a custom print format calling the relevant functions from Stock Entry (or querying BOM explosing table).

Ideally add those fields in Production Order, fetch the data and make the Print Format dumb.

Hi , please inform me how to call data via ajax ?
now what im doing is create get details button than fill the data from python code , but the things that im really want is when i change a filed the data is loaded automatically

i want the data fetch automatically when bom_no field is filled

please give an example…