Print format for pre printed sales invoices

I have created a custom print format for sales invoice for pre printed sales invoice
how to print the excess items in next page ?


You can refer this post

it says I don’t have access to this topic

We use default ERP Structure to handle page break.
You can find Insert Page break in Item Table, when insert page break is checked, we insert page break and table row header.
Please check following code.


I don’t know why, but your code doesn’t work for me. I even tried to copy the whole quotation format from your site but it doesn’t repeat table header on page break. Can you confirm it works for you? Any suggestions what to do?

to repeat header, you have to generate it’s PDF first. if you print directly, i think it’ll not work

yes, I’m using pdf button in erp to generate the pdf. but it doesn’t work. It seems that the code

{% if row.page_break -%}

does not get recognized… But I don’t know how to fix this.