Print Format Help

I am createng my own print format for delivery note/ invoice

i need to insert customers shipping info but i dont know the field names

{{ doc.customer }} is ok for my Bill To name but i need to insert shipping “Address Title” for my Ship
To and also i need doc name for ship to address

curently i am using {{ doc.customer }} for sustomer name and {{ doc.shipping_address }} for bill to address

see attached image please



for the available variable at doc.something … you can see at the customize form and see the name of the field

that doesnt work

in this new version print formats should have been much easier to figure out
please developers i need a bit of help here


it should be shown if the name you type is correct…

anyway if you create delivery note doctype you can just refer to valiable in deliverynote not in contact doctype , if you must you need to load it first with custom script…


can you help me please if available

Go to: Setup / Print Settings.
Then go to either Address Template or Print Format.
These should provide you with all you need.
Alternatively use the built in Print Format Builder.

Sorry just read your question more clearly. As @bobzz_zone said. Search for go to customise form and find the relevant field name.

OK I just checked.
Normally I try and find a DocType that does what I need. In this case Sales Invoice is what you need. So go to Doctype List. Filter for sales invoice. It looks like the fields you require are: shipping_address_name and shipping_address
Hope This Helps