Print Format Is missing on the Sales Form

Hello Folks,

I have 5 print formats which I have made available on Sales Order, they were ok until last week,

for some reason now only any 3 print formats are getting listed


I do not understand what is the cause of this behaviour, please can someone advise?


Could you please one of your missing print format and check if “Disabled” isn’t checked?
(I mean open your Print Format)

Hello NMyshuk

Thanks for picking this up for me, I have checked on all print formats no one is diabled.

When I make the missing as “default” then it will start appearing on the list, however, then one of the existing print template is getting removed.

So at any given time, its only showing 2 formats plus the standard

Any idea?

It’s very strange it shows all 5 print formats from my side.
Which version do you use?
Btw, do you use self-hosted instance or ERPNext?