Print format not able to include custom field

I create a custom field in the Quotation form which is working during the input process. Unfortunately when I try to print the form, the custom field is not appearing which causing a blank data

This custom field are relates to the Quotation Item. I already try to update in “Print Format” setup, which the option is available but when I refresh my report the custom field is still showing blank data

Option from Print Format setup

Result after adjust the format in Quotation form

May I know what is the error that I made on this matter? Kindly advise

This is probably because there is no value in the Custom Field.

May I know what is the version of your ERPNext account? In the earlier versions, if Item Code, Name and Description field was set as hidden, then the whole first column won’t appear in the print format. It has been resolved in the version 8.

Hi @umair

My version are still version 7.2.31 as I still waiting for the latest update installation as my account is under cloud hostage.

Back to my problem, I do not set as “hidden” for the new field. Currently from my side I am able to show the field description but not in the format that I want ( I have to include several others desc and item in order to show the custom field item)

I would like to have the specification, Quantities and Remarks have their own column on the left instead sharing under 1 box with description item. Is it possible to change considering I’m still using the old version?

For the separate column for each field, do this setting in your account.

Setup > Printing Settings

Disable feature of Compact Print Format from Print Settings.

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Thank you @umair the form showing what we need