Print format only print first page - v10

I’m having a problem with the v10(prod) of ERPNext when it comes to print Sales Order:
I have a custom print format for Sales Order and I can generate a PDF just fine, however when I want to print the Sales Order, it only prints the first page.

Is there an option I need to fill to make it work? Or is it a bug within ERPNext? I’m quite lost here!

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Hi Mel!

You should be able to see all pages of the DocType. Are you using a standard format or a customized format? If customized, what happens with the standard version?

I myself am exploring the mystic properties of ERPNext print formats, reports, pages, etc. so if you find a solution I will be grateful to add to my toolchest.

Hi @Tropicalrambler ,
It was a custom print format, but I had the same issue with the standard format. The ‘solution’ was to use Google Chrome (instead of downloading the file and printing it with another software). Google Chrome has a pdf viewer and it prints the whole thing, not just the first page.

I have absolutely no clue why it’s the only way we got it working! :thinking:

I don’t know if it’s helpful or not, but that was my solution :slight_smile: